100% Vietnamese Coffee Is Coming To Rocks Off!

Vietnamese Coffee Fits The Rocks Off M.O Perfectly.

Strong, flavoursome and raises the pulse quickly! 

We cant wait to bring this in to our store! Vietnamese coffee comes in to its own with variations consisting of yoghurt, eggs and even fruit! Dare to try as they say however it all comes down to one thing - exceptional tasting coffee. Also, Vietnam is the worlds 2nd biggest exporter of coffee, behind Brazil which tells you everything you need to know.

So Whats The Secret To Vietnamese coffee?

As with most coffees, how things are prepared make all the difference, as well as the type of coffee beans or blend.

Most Vietnam Coffee plantations are situated in the Da Lat region, which is known locally as the 'Europe of Vietnam' due to its fresher weather climate and picturesque hillside landscapes. Located in the South of Vietnam, most of the coffee, tea and even flowers are grown here too, which are shipped across the country.

But Why Is Vietnamese Coffee So Good?

Its all about the unique flavour however some will say it's the filter drip, but the traditional roasting way actually makes for its special intense flavours. The Vietnamese have been known to roast  coffee it with rice wine, a pinch of salt, and butter. This last ingredient is the reason why slow-drip coffee in Vietnam can give a slight oily texture. Some roasteries even add flavours such as chocolate or caramel, all very much to the taste of local coffee drinkers.

These Are Some Of The Vietnamese Variants. 

ca phe nau or ca phe sua - Coffee with Milk. Probably the most popular Vietnamese coffee thats made with sweetened condensed milk. In both the North and South of Vietnam, finding fresh milk is quite difficult. In the North, this coffee is called ca phe nau meaning 'Brown Coffee' and in the South its referred to as ca phe sua meaning milk coffee. 

sua chua ca phe - Coffee With Yogurt. Like coffee, yoghurt was originally brought to Vietnam by the French and has been adopted into local culinary tradition. Rich and creamy, it’s served with various toppings, from fresh mango to fermented rice and even coffee. This might sound like an odd combination, but the rich yoghurt pairs amazingly well with a drizzle of black coffee.

ca phe trung - Coffee with Egg. OK, bare with us on this one. This is where egg yolk is whipped with condensed milk into an airy froth meets dark coffee in this rich concoction - think of it as a Vietnamese take on tiramisu. Native to Hanoi, egg coffee first made the scene in the 1940s, when milk was scarce and egg yolks provided a convenient replacement. 

ca phe cot dua - Coconut Coffee. Its not really known if this is a traditional recipe  or if it was created by the Cong Caphe chain. We do know however that it's become a firm favourite on the trendy Vietnamese youth scene. Black coffee with a tear of condensed milk is mixed with coconut milk and blended with ice in a sort of shake. We've tried this when we last visited Hanoi and its LUSH!

sinh to ca phe - Coffee Smoothie. Again, another one we have tried... Relatively new on menus, coffee has has been plunging itself in to smoothies. High street juice shops mix up creamy blends of fresh fruit with a touch of Vietnamese coffee, sometimes tossing in yoghurt or cashews. In Hanoi, try sinh to ca phe chuoi bo - coffee blended with banana and avocado!

 When Will Rocks Off Coffee Be Stocking Vietnamese Coffee?

We can't wait to launch this coffee and we hope it will be in stock within the next few weeks. Its truly a unique taste and we think you'll love it! Stay tuned, the Vietnamese beans are coming!

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