Whats So Special About Italian Roasted Coffee?

This Is The Rocks Off Guide To Italian Roasted Coffee. 

Italy has a very strong coffee culture and you can't think of Italian coffee without speaking of Italian Espresso. 

If you're a coffee lover and been on holiday to Italy, we know you'll cherish the memory of that last Italian coffee, in a small café before packing your bags and coming home. Many of us want to find the Italian coffee beans that will give us the same taste experience at home!

Let's Start With The Basics. What Are Italian Coffee Beans?

Simply put, it's all down to the Italian speciality roasting. Generally, Italians tend to go for a medium-dark roast as it delivers all the qualities usually favoured in an espresso. Green coffee beans are roasted for a longer period at a higher temperature than other roasts. This process produces brown coffee beans with little or no oily surface, more robust flavours and smokier aromas. Italian Coffee beans roasted in Italy usually offer a bit more bitterness but little acidity compared to lighter roasts, more body and length on the palate.

So What Are The Best Italian Roasted Beans?

Good question! Well, keep an eye out for Rocks Off Italian Roasted Coffee which will be launched soon however if you can't wait for these (about 2 to 3 weeks from the post - July 2021), we've compiled a little list to help you in the meantime. This list is based on the best-selling Italian coffee across verious websites and customer ratings. 

Bazzara – Dodicigrancru. Bazzara ‘Dodicigrancru’ is an Italian coffee beans blend of 12 of the best Arabicas in the world, including Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.With its gourmet notes of dark chocolate & candied orange, Dodicigrancru delivers a subtle yet strong espresso with a good crema.

Pellini – Pellini Top. Pellini Top is one of the bestsellers for Italian coffee beans. Awarded the Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting Awards. Pellini Top is slowly-roasted 100% Arabica, naturally low in caffeine: a strong point for coffee lovers who worry about their daily caffeine intake.

Caffè Vergnano – Antica Bottega. Antica Bottega by Caffè Vergnano is also a 100% Arabica Italian coffee beans that has enjoyed the attention of a controlled, slow roasting process. For a strong aromatic cup of coffee with good balance. An ‘every day quality coffee’ appreciated by many customers and their visiting guests.

Mokador – Gran Miscela. Mokador Castellari Italian coffee beans ‘Gran Miscela‘ is a blend of 80% Arabica & 20% Robusta made for a full-bodied ristretto or espresso, rich an aroma. This special blend was created for professional machines, hence the 1kg pack, but with a good airtight coffee container, you will also be able to enjoy this coffee at home.

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