Help Save Manchester 42's And Keep Their Doors Open!

Manchester's legendary nightclub 42s is 'close to the edge' financially as the country enters a 2nd national lockdown.

The independent venue has been part of Manchesters famous nightlife for decades and now needs your help.

Help Save Manchester 42's And Keep Their Doors Open!

Rocks Off Coffee has launched a brand new coffee 'Don't Go Away' to help keep the venues doors open, as 100% of proceeds being donated to the cause. 

You can be a part of project and and at the same time, drink some amazing columbian coffee.

This 'Don't Go Away' coffee is from Columbia, which is one of the finest coffee growing countries in the world. The Columbians have a fantastic reputation and they're the third largest grower of coffee grower in the world!

'Don't Go Away' is supremo coffee and is chocolatey and nutty. We source it from Medellin, Columbia and it's a delicious mild coffee if filtered and sweet and slightly bright as an espresso. This coffee is fully washed delivering clarity and a healthy brightness in the cup that can be enjoyed in large quantities anytime of the day.

Body: 3/5 Sweetness: 3/5 Acidity: 3/5 

Find out more and purchase the coffee here

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