INTERVIEW: With Ist Ist's Andy Keating

After the incredible launch of the the bands KVRHQ blend of coffee, we caught up with the Ist Ist bass player, Andy Keating.

2020 saw the release of the bands debut album 'Architecture' which followed a number of singles and EP's. With 2020 being written off for many bands as far as live performances went, we wanted to know what they've been up to and what they had planned along with finding out a little more on the taste for coffee!

The past 18 months have been challenging for many people, especially bands and anyone connected to the music industry. How have you managed your time and what have you been up to? We were kept quite busy at the beginning of the first lockdown because we were very much in album campaign mode and had filmed enough of the videos to keep on releasing as part of the schedule. Then ‘Architecture’ dropped on 1st May and we got the post-release bounce of people listening to, and being excited about the record which was great. From mid-summer onwards we got back in the rehearsal room and began writing because it was clear gigs weren’t on the agenda, so rehearsing sets didn’t make sense. We had the ‘Live From The Attic’ livestream at the back end of 2020, then factor in the small matter of recording and mixing our second album. We’ve been productive and busy, but we’d still rather not have found ourselves in this situation and been able to go and tour the album as planned. 

When/where did your love affair with coffee start/come about? I’ve been

Interview Ist Ist Coffee

drinking coffee for years but it’s probably over the past 6 or 7 where I’ve really been interested in it and sort of honing my preferences. I’ve had coffee subscriptions for a while where you can choose what your next delivery is and read about the various beans and blends. There’s a load of different coffee grinding and making gadgets in the kitchen; bean grinders, sieves, percolators, V60s, French Presses, the lot. 

What kind of coffee do you prefer? Usually something smooth and full-bodied. Nothing too floral and nothing too bitter. The South American and South Asian coffees I usually find to be to my liking, so our 50/50 KVRHQ blend of Brazilian and Vietnamese is perfect. Coffee or Beer before you play live? Typically a beer or two in the dressing room before a show. That might change now we have our own blend though. Our beans will be coming on tour with us…

Are you writing off 2021 as a band and planning for an exciting 2022 or can we expect new IST IST activity this year? (if so - what can we expect?) No definitely not, if everything goes to plan we’ll be releasing our second album in the autumn then going out on tour in November and December. Vinyl pressing times are quite lengthy at the moment so the release date will be dictated by the turnaround timescales, but we do aim to release it before the year is out then go and play the best tour of our lives so far. 

When and where do you think your first live gig will be, with no social distancing rules in place? If things pan out the way we’re led to believe they will and there’s an end to any meaningful restrictions from June 21st, our first show without restrictions is likely to be at an as-yet unannounced festival in July. Then we’ll likely have a handful of more outings before our tour in late November and early December. Getting venue availability has been difficult because there’s almost 18 month’s worth of 2020 and 2021 shows compressed into the final few months of the year, coupled with bookings already scheduled for June 2021 onwards. 

With what sounds like a busy year for Ist Ist, we cant wait to catch one of their live shows again! Grab a bag of their KVRHQ blend of coffee and catch them on Facebook, Twitter and Insta for updates and news on tour dates and new music. 

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