Space Monkeys Interview With Richard Mcnevin-Duff

Space Monkeys Interview With Some Positive News From Frontman Richard Mcnevin-Duff.

Space Monkeys Interview

We caught up with Richard Mcnevin-Duff for a quick Space Monkeys Interview ahead of their 2021 plans and the launch of their new Rocks Off Coffee Brew "The Daddy Of Them All Coffee" available here  

The Daddy Of Them All Coffee is a very special blend, hand picked from Brazil, El Salvador and India, which are all speciality Arabica beans and ethically sourced from the finest coffee growers of South America and Asia.

A big full bodied espresso with a naturally sweet caramel flavour. The Daddy Of Them All Coffee is balanced and with a muted acidity.

Space Monkeys Interview With Richard Mcnevin-Duff. 

It's fair to say 2020 has been a challenge for a lot of bands, what have you been up to this year?

We released our first new album in 20 years ‘Modern Actions’ on January 1st 2020. Like a lot of people, we thought this could be a special year, approached it with positivity and optimism. We had planned to do more gigs, a little tour, do some promotion to try and get the album heard as far and wide as we could and then Covid came along and stopped all that and the album then faded into insignificance against everything else that was going on in the world. It’s undoubtedly been a very sad year for everyone. I’m not gonna dwell on the sadness because there has been too much of it this year, with some very special people in all our lives leaving us. All we can do is look to the future and hope for brighter days ahead.

How have you been spending your time as a band?

Just like most people I guess, we are keeping our friendship alive by sharing crap jokes on WhatsApp. I assume that’s what U2 are doing right now, the Edge looks like he knows how to photoshop, Leonardo DiCaprio’s head on a funny meme if he needs to. At the start of lockdown, when the sun was out, we got our friends and followers to send us clips of their families in lockdown in the sun and we made a home made video for our track ‘Summer Thyme’ which I’m dead proud of. People kept saying stuff to me like ‘oh you should send that to This Morning or Granada Tonight’ and get it to go viral and all that, but you know, that’s just not us. We’re happy with our hard earned underground status of being a bit lazy and unambitious. The word viral shouldn’t be something to aspire to. Especially not this year.

Space Monkeys Interview

Recorded or written anything new that we're going to hear next year?

Very much so. I was blessed with a beautiful baby daughter in January so the first lockdown was like an extended paternity leave for me and the sweetest thing for me was that my little girl loved me playing my acoustic guitar and singing to her, so I had time to write a lot of songs and a willing audience of one who couldn’t tell me to shut up. So I wrote and demo recorded about a dozen new songs and hopefully there will be a time soon when the band can actually get together in a rehearsal studio without breaking the law and work on the songs to make a new record. We had planned to hire a big house somewhere and just take some of our gear and throw a load of ideas around, like The Basement Tapes, but just as we were about to book it, we all got locked down again.

We managed to squeeze in about a dozen gigs, between Jan / March, one of them was yours at Deaf Institute, back in Feb. Great gig man, it looked like you were all buzzing from it?

Yeah we loved it, really enjoyed it, top venue. We’ve got a nice family vibe at our gigs these days, everyone is on the same level and there for the music and to have a good time and the positivity buzzes around the room. That’s how it feels to me on stage anyway, that we are just a small part of it. Especially with the older songs. Music is important to everybody’s lives and it’s really emotional to look out and see people singing songs of ours that have played a part in people’s lives for 20 years. I never, ever, imagined that would happen when I was young starting the band, so that’s nice and it’s always nice to talk to everyone afterwards. I agree with Liam Gallagher that you should never have to beg anyone to buy a ticket to your gigs, but you should never take it for granted either.

With plenty of time on your hands, have you planned anything for next year that we can discuss, gigs, tours, festivals etc...

We are playing the 2021 Shiiine On Weekender next November and we are buzzing about that, it really is a top festival and the best weekend of the year, it’s the same vibe that I mentioned above - just like minded people, music lovers, who happen to all like guitars and good tunes. I definitely want to make another Space Monkeys record in 2021, there’s no shortage of songs, it just comes down to finding some money to get in a studio and record it. We want to get out on the road as well and play a few gigs in a few cities and towns outside of Manchester. A little mini tour. We’ll need plenty of The Daddy Of Them All coffee to keep us awake though at our age. We used to just run on adrenaline back in the 90’s. Honest.

Thank you for working with us on The Daddy Of Them All Coffee...

Thank you for having us, it’s something we would never have done on our own but such a cool idea. We selected this coffee blend purely from the rock and roll description you gave us that it was hand picked and ethically sourced from El Salvador, India and Brazil. I pictured psychedelic 1970’s footballers parachuting out of helicopters with machine guns which is kind of what our music sounds like. And it also said it has a dark chocolate flavour which always does it for me. Someone on Twitter came up with a great slogan for us - Maxwell House Killed Rock and Roll.

Thank You for checking out this Space Monkeys Interview. Connect with Space Monkeys on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check out their website for news and most importantly, their latest album, Modern Actions.  

Photo: Trust A Fox

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