A Small Team With Big Passion. 

We love what we do whilst listening to what we love.

Working in the music industry for the past 8 years has been amazing. Managing bands, a record label, curating festival stages, promoting tours and live shows has all been fun but 2020 has been a tough, as it has been for many. 

With our roots firmly grounded in the music industry combined with our passion for travel and tasting coffees around the world, Rocks Off Coffee was born!

Celebrating our own Rocks Off House blends along with working with some amazing bands, our mission is pretty simple. To bring amazing coffee to the UK without compromise whilst making sure farmers and farms are given back higher proportion of equity so they can continue to produce fantastic crops year after year. 

Say Hello To The Rocks Off Team

Rock 'n' Roll Queen: Getting shit done and making shit happen! My patience is short and if have to repeat myself, then good luck. I'm looking for people who are made of good stuff and are willing smash it up with Rocks Off Coffee. 

I’m Ziggy Star-Pup: Office dickhead and named after you know who! Ziggy by name and Ziggy by nature. I'm mainly found looking cute whilst sharpening my teeth on Rock 'n' Roll Queen nail file. I'm not allowed coffee, which is shit cos it smells amazing. WOOF!

The Rock 'n' Roller: Time mainly taken up by taking nail files away from Ziggy and searching for speciality coffee blends that are not widely available in the UK. Never seen without brew in hand and can be found either at the bar gigs or down the front losing my mind.

Check our Rocks Off Coffee Spotify Playlist or our youtube acoustic covers playlist.  

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